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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 16, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hello. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. we're learning more about that deck collapse in st. mary's county that sent three people to the hospital. it happened late this afternoon at a private residence in the 25,000 block of secretariat drive in hollywood, maryland. a 55-year-old woman was flown to prince george's hospital and shock trauma center. we're told the victims fell about eight feet to the ground after that deck gave way. firefighters in colorado tonight are working tonight to get more people back in their homes following those wildfires. the digging up and putting out of hot spots to protect homes near colorado springs. the fire that killed two people and destroyed nearly 500 homes is now 65% contained. roads and power lines still need to be repaired.
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the area is considered a crime scene while two deaths are investigated. >> reporter: those on the front line of the black forest fire hope to have it fully contained by thursday. it destroyed close to 500 home, including darrell porter's house. >> what do you do now? >> start over and build a new life. >> reporter: he took this video. the chimney is all that's left standing. his home was also the base for his tree trimming business, but the fire destroyed all his vehicles and equipment. he was out of town when the fire started. at the time he returned authorities wouldn't let him get any belongings. >> i want to thank them for not letting me in because if i had gotten there i would have stayed there. >> i don't want to create a false belief that tomorrow everybody is going home because that's not going to happen. >> reporter: but thousands have been allowed to return. on saturday hundreds of colorado springs showed up to
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thank firefighters. four-year-old john waited to get the first glimpse of his dad in three days. >> we have to give him a big kiss real quick. >> reporter: cbs news, colorado springs. >> elsewhere, a private jet with former president george w. bush on board makes an emergency landing after the smell of smoke was reported in the cockpit. the gulf stream was flying saturday night from philadelphia to the former president's home in dallas when the emergency was declared. the plane had to be diverted from louisville, kentucky where it landed safely. a father's day cook out may be over but for some celebrating goes way beyond the barbecue. for them the memories of their dad is what made this memory special. ken molestina reports. >> reporter: it's a very special is father's day celebration down here at the
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vietnam veterans memorial. the gate is covered in flowers honoring those that never came home. the red flowers represent those that were killed in battle. it's a display put on by the vietnam veterans memorial fund. >> i'm named after may dad as well as my grandfather, so to have that name, i feel honored. >> reporter: he was only a year old when his 20-year-old father went off to war. that memory is what has guided his son and ultimately brought him here to the wall bearing his dad's name and legacy. >> it's someone i've always looked up to. >> reporter: he shared this intimate photo, taken during a rare leave that his father had. >> just one of those great memories of him holding me and his mom and the photo as well. as proud as can be with her son
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and her grandchild. >> reporter: like their story, there are countless other veterans who have grown up without their real-life hero, ones who paid the ultimate price in battle. it's a reality that carries over to our current generation of veterans. >> allow the kids to talk about their fathers and learn about their dads and to keep those memories alive. >> reporter: dennis' story is testament to just how powerful the memory of a loved one condition. from all of us here at wusa 9, happy father's day to all the dads out there. ken molestina, wusa 9. former vice president dick cheney is now weighing in on the nsa whistleblower scandal. cheney appeared on "fox news sunday" saying snowden may knost been acting alone. >> i don't think this is just juan-off explosion.
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i think there's a danger that will go beyond this. i have trouble believing that somebody in his position, as a contract employee, had access to the kind of things he's talking about. >> so you felt that he was not act alone. >> i don't know. i think you have to ask that question. the other concern i have is whether or not he had help from inside the agency. that is to say, was there somebody else in nsa who had access to a lot of this stuff and passed it to him. that's presumably one of the things to look at during the course of the investigation. but i am very, very worried that he still has additional information that he hasn't released yet. >> he also says he believes the chinese government would welcome any additional information snowden has to offer and that the chinese government would offer snowden immunity. news at the national security agency has been monitoring our cell phone and internet communications has sparked a debate over our right
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to privacy. on face the nation today, the white house chief of staff says president 0 bam ha-ha not violated the privacy of any americans. he said the president has acted with full knowledge and cooperation of the congress. >> so we have to find the right balance between protecting our privacy and protecting the country from the very real threats that we face. the president is not saying scrub it. the president is saying i want every member of congress, on whose authority we are running this program, to understand it, to be briefed about it, and to be comfortable with it. congress has authorized these programs now, and very robust debate. and those debates are to their credit. but at the end of the day it was bipartisan majority that enacted this. >> the white house officials add that met that data does not contain the content of communication but to say it does include phone, internet
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and local information in an effort to deter plots. some 35,000 harleys road to celebrate the company's anniversary. 1400 motorcycles were given permission to park at that time vatican. the pope celebrated mass. >> yeah, it's beautiful. >> i didn't expect the pope to be so near, because we were standing here, and he was, i don't know, four or five meters away, so it was really something amazing. >> we are all brothers here. >> you don't have to be from a certain religion. you don't have to be from a certain color or creed. you just have to have a harley. >> i want to know what they talked to the nuns about. earlier this month the company
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gave the pope two classic harleys and a motorcycle jacket. a young girl was sentenced to death for killing a bible teacher. it was a crime that caught the attention of pope john paul ii but now there's a new twist. paula coopers was 15 years old when she and three others killed a bible schoolteacher for $10 and the woman's car keys. she was sentenced to death row after a jury convicted her of stabbing the victim '3 times. tomorrow she will be released from prison after spending 2 years behind bars. the biggest advocate? the victim's grandson. >> first, we just knew she had died, then we found out she had been stabbed 33 times with a 12- inch butcher knife. my greatest concern was for my father who found the body, and my mom. i became convinced that my grandmother had love and
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compassion for this girl on death row. >> indiana changed its law while paula cooper was still behind bars. tomorrow she's being released while some culinary skills she acquired while in confinement, and her victim's grandson says he will be in indiana to meet cooper upon her release. coming up, another important step in the cross country flight of a solar plane is completed here. plus, a new plan to help save the honey bee is he creating buzz. it's ban great weekend for dads. we've seen a stark upparticular in our humidity. your wake-up weather does feature overcast skies, some muggy conditions and very, very mild temperatures. we are going to heat things up tomorrow, even stir up a few late-day showers and storms. i'll have your full first alert forecast when
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that's powerful. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. at least 40 people are dead tonight after a string of apparent coordinated attacks across iraq. dozens were wounded in car bombs that went off in a half- dozen southern cities with shiite majorities. two parked car bombs exploded killing at least two people, wounding some nine others. heavy rain for 36 hours has taken a heavy toll on locals in
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a village in india. a flooded river has caused extensive damage to the land. solar powered plane landed at dulles international airport today. it's the fourth leg of a cross- country flight powered only by the sun. the plane is called solar impulse. it's the brain child of two swiss pilots. it has 12,000 solar cells built into the wings, which are the size of a jumbo jet. the plane travis at 43 miles per hour. its journey began may 3rd in northern california. washington state university has a new project that's generating a lot of buzz. the university plans to develop the first sperm bank for honey bees. scientists are using liquid nitrogen to preserve bee semen. it's a serious business. the apple crop needs some 250,000 colonies of bees each
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year to pollenate the or char. this father's day we reflect upon the importance of the father in the life and the lives of children. it's gotten complicated on a lot of frofnlts surae chinn went to church today with one family trying to hold it all together while a lot of families around them are coming apart. >> reporter: bruce, according to the u.s. census bureau one out of three children in america lives apart from their biological father. about two-thirds of african- american children live in a home without their father, far outpacing any other ethnic group. there can be negative effects of not having a dad around, but we followed one family who is bucking the trend. >> happy fathers day. >> reporter: the cooper family comes to sunday service at plymouth congregational united church in northeast. they have many reasons to praise their father, and it's not just beck's in the men's choir. >> my dad always instilled the value of education, being on
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time, being punctual, and being ducialghts being a man about things. >> the older sons are always looking out for the youngest in the family. >> beg accountable. being accountable to himself and others, trying to be a leader. >> is i'm not perfect but i'm trying to get there. we focus on what's ahead and forget about what's behind and just continue to understand and know what it really takes to be a real father, and to have three grown young men and one little guy is just something that is to be -- it's astanged. >> reporter: when research shows two-thirds of african- american children are growing up without their fathers. these children are more likely to be poor, use drugs, engauge in crime or have a better chance of ending up in jail. may or vincent gray says we can do better. >> when you talk about 64% of african-american fat whreers are not involved in the lives of their children, it's
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staggering. >> reporter: and sons benefit more than girls from having a father figure in their lives. >> is i always depend on him and count on him when i can't be there, so it's very important for my son, the two boys, to have a father figure. >> reporter: on this father's day william cooper and his entire family excelled. senate's great to be a great aca derkz mician but it's even greater to be a great father. >> reporter: according to research teenagers living with their single mothers and with at least one grandparent in the household may turn out at least as good and often better than other teenagers in married families. i'm surae chinn for wusa 9.
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>> and we're trusting that it was a good day for local dads and step dads, and in those cases where there was no father in the home we thank those men who have study in over the years, be it clergy, coaches, teachers, mentors to help prepare us to be good fathers. happy father's day to you, too. still ahead, highways turned into rivers and the massive flooding. this happened in missouri this weekend. we'll tell you why this woman is stalking a bear. also, are we going need umbrellas heading out tomorrow morning?
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california whale watchers got a real treat this weekend. a killer whale was seen several miles off the coast of mission bay in san diego. the orca was seen swimming with a pod of dolphins. >> every time i see him he's been not too far from this pod of dolphins so whether he's befriending them, or just stick around waiting to pick one off for a snack, i don't know. we haven't seen him in a feeding display to know that for sure.
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>> the whale has been given the nickname of mel. storms in missouri dumped up to nine inches of rain in areas around springfield this weekend, turning highways into rivers. hail also fell in many neighborhoods. it's been chaotic. mostly it's been checking on people who have tried to drive through water. >> they've just exploded over the southern part of the city. >> even though your vehicle is heavy, that water can actually lift you up. >> it really takes no water whatsoever to really impact a car that's driving across the roadway. just a few inches of rapidly running water across the road is enough to float a car and wash it o. >> here's the good news. no reports of injuries in the storms thus far.
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all in all a very good father's day weekend but heading back to work tomorrow what does it look like? >> we've seen the cloud cover move in. we've seen the humidity get a little higher this afternoon, and into the overnight we're going to continue. so yes it is going to be muggy aus step out the door tomorrow morning. i think a lot of folks are going to be cranking their air conditioners all night. let's take a look outside and see how it looks. pretty tranquil, but again that humidity is very high. we're looking at temperatures right now still holding on to 80 degrees at the 11:00 hour for reagan national airport. humidity is up there, 60%. the winds have been fairly calm to light, and that's going to be the case as we go into the overnight, but we're going start to pull in some southwesterly wind flow, bringing in some gulf moisture and keeping the clouds around as we head into the morning and afternoon hours, and also bring
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some showers and thunderstorms. we're seeing a little bit of pop, showers and storms across the eastern shore. ocean city, rehoboth, and the beach areas, but for us we're doing pretty well in and around the beltway for this hour. i think things are going to be fairly calm for that morning rush hour with the sprinkles developing shortly there after. right now 80 and inside the beltway 70s. we're going stick to the upper 60s to near 70 degrees for our overnight low. so mostly cloudy tonight, very sticky and steamy as we get into tomorrow morning, but by the afternoon the showers and thunderstorms will move on through. some of us will see those showers as early as 11:00 in the morning. most sloes hold off until the afternoon. the winds will crank up closer to 15 miles per hour late in the day. here's the timing with our forecast model. moisture to the south overnight, cloud cover comes in, in the morning. we could see some steady rainfall from north beach down to pax river and into tap
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tapahannock. after your lunch break tomorrow after the umbrella handy. then the showers move out quickly. after chedz. tomorrow's forecast is looking fairly sticky and steamy. upper 80s to near 90. it is going to feel warmer with all of that humidity. ped. highs in the 80s, and then the next three days we're keeping it in the green alert. so a little bit of showers and thunderstorm activity but nothing severe expected. improvements come our way by wednesday. wen. pulling our temperatures down to the upper 70s, down near 80.
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better chance for rain on friday, tern. a vancouver teen arrived home to find what looked like a big dog in her front yard. when she got a closer look, sthepped. she decided to get in her car and follow the bear as it bolted down the street and hopped a neighbor's fence. >> i couldn't even think. i was just like, oh my god, a bear. that's all i could say, over and over again. well, i mean with a few extra words in there. jumped out of the car, and i like pounded on the people whose house it was, i said, there's a bear in your backyard, so i don't think they believed me at first, but i was kind of freaking out. >> animal control officers say it's not unusual for bears to show up in residential
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neighborhoods. just don't follow bears. just ahead, a quick look at sports when we come back. anncr: competition makes us rivals.
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it's been a rough long weekend for the golfers at merion. mother nature had other plans for round one causing a massive rain delay affecting not only the course but the players' routines as well. to close things out, she brought another nice shower for the guys on sunday afternoon. the course as always wasn't kind to many anyway.
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phil mickelson found a way around. that the shot of the day on the 10th out of the pit and right into the hole. jumping for joy holds out for the eagle. mickelson was jockeying with a couple of guys all day for first place. justin rose one of them. he picked up the birdie on 13 and did just enough to hold on for victory. it's rose's first major victory of his career, but he wasn't the only story line. we'll break down this weekend's action including tiger. we'll see him at at&t national. the nationals welcomed back stephen strasburg. he did pretty well, five innings, four strikeouts, only one run allowed. but the nats couldn't muster a single run today and get blanked by cleveland. baltimore orioles stepping up against their a.l. east rivals. chris davis comes up big. the slugger hits his 23rd home run of the year. o's top the red sox 5-3. we
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will be hearing more from him during game-on overtime. we are talk women's basketball. why, bruce? because the washington mystics have come out blazing this season. they won five games all last year but under a new regime. things seem to be paying off. >> good for them. recap for tomorrow? >> muggy, cloudy, showers and thunderstorms develop in the afternoon. have the umbrella with you as you head out tomorrow. you probably won't need it until late in the day. >> thank you for watching. stay tuned for "game on" next. have a great week, everybody. bye. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet?
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coming up next, a rose blooms at merion. the birthday boy comes up short yet again. while tiger's major drought continues. >> not a lot of low


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